Det skal være tilladt at slukke sin computer, mener Europaparlamentet

Europaparlamentets beskæftigelseskomité har vedtaget en resolution, der skal gøre det til en ret at slukke for elektronisk kommunikation med sin arbejdsplads udenfor arbejdstiden:

The right to disconnect refers to a worker’s right to be able to disengage from work and refrain from engaging in work-related electronic communications, such as emails or other messages, during non-work hours.

This concept has developed as a result of advancements in communication technologies and its impact on people’s daily lives. The widespread use of smart phones and other digital devices means that always being ‘on call’ has become a reality in many workplaces, as continuous remote access can create pressure for employees to be constantly accessible. The expectation that workers are available at almost any time for online or mobile communication is now considered to be potentially hazardous to workers’ health.

Læs “right to disconnect” nyheden her og en pressemeddelelse her.

Analogiseringsstyrelsen bakker om resolutionen, men anbefaler at retten til at slukke også bør gælde i arbejdstiden.