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Reasons to be an analogist – by Anders Kjærulff:

I’m an analogist because the world is analog and the world is analog, because everyday life is not digital, even though they say it at the Digitization Agency and in the Prime Minister’s Office and at IBM and Google and Facebook and in Parliament and on television all the time, or maybe just because they say it, without knowing what it really means and every time they say it, the world gets a little more boring, the leaves fall off the trees, children crash on bikes and therefore I am an analogist for it is not boring.

I’m an analogist because I once fell off a motorcycle and broke my collarbone and experienced the pain and broke a little and never really grow back together again and I thought it was a very little digital and very analogue experience because my body is analogue, analogue with yours and at the same time my own and therefore I am analogist.

I am an analogist because I have disassembled more machines than I have reassembled, with screwdrivers I reduced a meaningful, working Remington typewriter to hundreds of meaningless parts, parts that could not be reassembled, I turned something working into a dadaistic amount of springs and screws and metal rods and keys, whose inner meaning, I succeeded in extinguishing, as one blows out a candle, all movement frozen in the theater of the detached springs, quivering.

I am an analogist because I have changed my own ram blocks and hard drives in computers and because I know that even the computer is concrete and understandable and actually analogue in its own way and at least not digital in itself, and not at all digital in as weekdays that are digital, not at all as a bearer of a special, inner, magical digital force, not at all as anything but a tool, a screwdriver that can disassemble most other digital into completely meaningless one and zeros and therefore I am analogist.

I’m an analogist because I’m afraid of the internet, now that it’s clearly ruled by money and military and manipulators and mastodonts, and because the internet has gone from exciting to a straitjacket, a place we need to be, in order to could be at all and that is not how it should be and that is why I am an analogist.

I’m an analogist because digital is binary and I’m not, and neither are you, and that’s why you’re also an analogist.

I’m an analogist because analogy is sustainable because the analog is because it already exists and always have and because it does not need power or silicon chips or burning server parks run off rotating, well-meaning wind turbines that can no longer even be fought and that has now lose all meaning , and therefore I am an analogist.

I’m an analogist because digital is a trap we’ve made for ourselves, a nice lake with a bottom of quicksand and I see most of us already standing in water to our throats and we keep our phone screens above us, as if it was a life jacket, but it is not and therefore I am an analogist.

I’m an analogist because there’s a spider in the corner of this greenhouse that has made a web shaped like a pyramid and it makes it more and more solid with each passing day and flies fall into it and sit stuck and are eaten up, mostly because the spider gets upset that the flies are destroying the web and wants them to stop it and that is not digital and that is why I am an analogist.

I’m an analogist because I like to stretch my eyes, to look far beyond a landscape or over the sea and the boat that is out there, the boat we all sit in and therefore, because we all sit there and are together and because I can still, with a bursting gaze, see it, I am an analogist.

I’m an analogist because I once thought everything would be better if we got computers and internet everywhere, but we did and it did not, did it, and that’s why I’m an analogist.

I’m an analogist because I love good technology and good machines that help us become better people, but digitalization makes us better machines that have to operate other machines and thus we lose meaning as humans and are left as a kind of sifting indifferent ectoplasm, who swings around on sofas and has to go to gyms with our applewatches and apps to get a solid physical shape just for a moment, just once in a while and that’s probably not the point of it all and that’s why I’m an analogist.

I’m an analogist because I think blueberries and blackberries and raspberries and strawberries and butterflies and insects and fish and cows and cats are more important than aula and nemID and google because we already have a universe around us that calls for reflection and a humility that there is no room for on either instagram, twitter, facebook or clubhouse, we do not need an artificial universe in the screens and not at all as the favorite one because when it becomes that, all reality collapses around our ears in a long, squeaky bang and therefore am I an analogist.

I am an analogist because there is a concrete reality that we can all participate in and have a responsibility for, and because the screens are mosquito lights that lure us into flames that take our wings away from us and we need to fly, we have to , and therefore I am an analogist.

I’m an analogist because the computer is a prison where the bars are retina screens and our eyes are the prison itself, and because the computer saves  everything about us and because there are people and governments and companies that will use us and all our now written down mistakes against us and had they not been written down and stored on servers forever they were not faulty at all, they were forgotten now and therefore I am an analogist.

I’m an analogist because artificial intelligence is artificial and never gets smarter and because artificial intelligence makes us all average citizens who fit into algorithms and because artificial intelligence is stupid enough to want to end up wanting to rule over us, to decide, because it pays homage to the mediocre, the predictable and because we, humans, will have to adapt accordingly and because we are not average and not predictable by nature and that is why I am an analogist.

I am an analogist because I believe in the analog rights: That we must be able to be here as human beings, without being wrapped up in a cloud of data, without the internet, without telephones and that it is important we can, because otherwise we are no longer real people, but just a pendant to a very large machine that we have no control over and therefore I am analogist also on your behalf, because you are also analog and I want you the very best because I love you as I love myself and that’s a lot and therefore I am analogist.

I am analogous because you exist because every line and every scar on your body is real and because your face is reflected in everything but the screen, in my eyes you are there and you are human and you are beautiful and therefore I am analogist.

Because humans are beautiful.
Because you are.