The Analogue Rights

1. The authorities can never require citizens of Denmark to be connected to the Internet or to be in possession of mobile phones.
2. The authorities may not require a citizen to be in possession of computers, smartphones or other similar devices in order to obtain the service to which they are entitled.
3. All citizen services must cater for both digital and analogue Danes.
Citizens must be able to physically meet a responsible, human representative of the systems that have made a decision on their behalf. The representative must be able to explain the decision in an easy-to-understand and legally sound manner. In case of doubt, human, legal estimates should take precedence over algorithmic decisions.
Citizens must be free to choose between digital or analogue treatment by the authorities.
6. Digital self-service must be an offer. Not a requirement.
7. It must be possible to hand over and submit relevant case files in a reassuring manner in paper form.
8. The citizen must have the opportunity to reply to the authorities by letter or in person.
9. The state, municipality and other relevant authorities must recognize and work on the principle that they exist for the citizens, regardless of the citizens ‘approach to the authorities’ offers and requirements.
10. Citizens of Denmark have the inalienable right to renounce digital treatment of the authorities and thus be able to live their lives as they wish, also outside the Internet, without further justification, and the authorities undertake to support their life choices.