Digital Detox (forskningsartikel)

Artikel af Trine Sivertsen og Gunn Enli der afkoder digital-detox diskursen:

Digital detox texts are based on presumptions of temporal overload; digital tools and media occupy too much time and distract us from what is valuable and essential for a good life. The descriptions of online time waste flourish, such as: “You’re probably wasting at least a few hours every day” (Zahariades 2016), “Our time is precious and limited, and yet we’re wasting so much of it every day (Goodin 2017) “ (..) despite our wide use of digital tools, we are grasping for more time now than ever before” (Formica 2015), and “We’re living a life of time famine” (Huffington 2014).

Syvertsen T, Enli G. Digital detox: Media resistance and the promise of authenticity. Convergence. 2020;26(5-6):1269-1283. doi:10.1177/1354856519847325